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About Us


Kodrzycki & Son Masonry, LLC was founded over 50 years ago by Karl Kodrzycki and his wife Margarete. Today it is run by his son Steve Kodrzycki and his wife Jennifer. The family has always prided themselves in providing excellent customer service and has a long history of many repeat customers. 

Personalized Approach


Certified Chimney Sweep

Kodrzycki & Son Masonry, LLC is one of only two companies in the tri-state area that has a current national certified chimney sweep credential through the National Chimney Safety Institute of America. If you are calling a company to have your chimney inspected and cleaned DO NOT hire someone that is not nationally certified through CSIA.


Fully Insured and Licensed 

Kodrzycki & Son Masonry, LLC is fully insured and has a current PA#. Customers need to do their research and make sure if they are getting estimates from companies they also verify insurance and PA#s before hiring a contractor. 

 PA# 096694

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