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TYPES OF CHIMNEY LINERS: CLAY TILES are the most common type of masonry chimney liners. Advantages: They are inexpensive, readily available, and perform quite well for open fireplace chimneys that are properly maintained. Disadvantages: They cannot rapidly absorb and evenly distribute heat during the rapid temperature rise that occurs during a chimney fire, causing the flue tiles to crack and split apart. The second disadvantage is that tiles cannot adequately contain the liquid combustion byproducts produced by modern gas appliances. METAL CHIMNEY LINERS are usually of stainless steel or aluminum, are primarily used to upgrade and repair existing chimneys. Advantages: If properly installed and maintained, metal chimney liners are extremely safe and durable. Stainless steel is suitable for wood-burning, gas, or oil appliances, while the aluminum is an inexpensive alternative for certain medium efficiency gas applications only. It is usually required that high temperature insulation be used in conjunction with the liners for safety and performance considerations.

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If you are scheduled for an appointment and do not cancel 1 hour in advance of your scheduled time, you will be billed a $25 cancellation fee. Often times we are already in route to your appointment or have already arrived before being cancelled and we still need to pay our staff for their time and fuel costs. We would be happy to reschedule your appointment if you should decide to do so. (This pertains specifically to scheduled service calls, estimate appointments, and chimney cleaning/inspection appointments.)

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